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The Green Man (TGM) (Heiner Kruse) reminds you not to forget your intuition and inner voice and that's what TGM's music is also about. TGM was released on Basswerk, Dread Uk, Combination, Soundtrax, Sudden Def, Certificate 18, Junglegrowers, Metro Breaks and others (mind different ways of writing the name). Albums & Compilations: Basswerk Sessions (BWS) Vol. 1 (1998), "You Decide" (2001), BWS2 (2003), BWS3 (2008), "Sound Power (2013), (The Green Man & Kingz - Changes (2019), The Green Man presents: 22 Years of Basswerk/ The Collab Sessions(2019)

More details/links can also be found on #greenmansound.


September 9: My track „F*** Sentimental“ came out on Revolver-Sounds „Gun Talk“, a compilation also featuring Veak, Junx, Mad Vices, Bassface and more...

September 9th: I started releasing „Ambiences of the Day“ under my real name. I was very sad that my father gave away the old Grotrian Steinweg Grand Piano I learnt on, but I was able to sample it for a few hours before it went away. I have been working on the material and have created two ambiences with it so far. One is heavily working with Mutable Instruments Beads, the other one alos, but mainly incorporated a self-tuned sampled instrument. I have learnt how to microtune all my instruments now using oddsound MTS-ESP suite, which I also reviewed in professional audio.
Whatever you do is a result of everything that happened before. However weird it may have been.

August 25:
My video based on Favas footage for my remix of Enea & Fava's Dust was voted Best D&B video of the year in the new german D&B Awards!
One cant take awards too serious, but I like that it makes people check things again when there is a selection... big up Enea & MC Fava !
I like working with video, this is motivating. I have pictures in my head when i listen to music....this one wasnt easy, but we wanted to make it we made the efforts....thanks, Phil!

July 31st: My new Logic Pro Book is released (Rheinwerk Verlag)

July 30: My album „You decide“ was rereleased on bandcamp

June 26: My remix for Hardtwald x MB Valent came out. I like MB Valents video for it

May: I am working on Noises and Ambiences for my project „Noise of the Day“ as a special during the Corona crisis. The aim is to capture special sounds from nature and gear. We will see how this develops

April 2nd: My release „All Eyes“ with singer „Dany“ (also known as Farayi) is out now on basswerk 46. This is a project focussing on emotional sound with microtonal experiments and a cinematic touch, supported by Musikfonds/Berlin and Neustart Kultur program. I‘ve also made a video for it:

Jan - Mar: I have been testing various equipment including: bitbox, bluebox, Ableton Live 11, Maschine+ VocAlign Ultra, Keystep 37, Novation AFX station for professional audio (german only) and am working on some genre-independent tracks and noises

Dec 21 and 25: I did a very unique track with Navigator, I came up with a sketch and he started singing about this deceased father … it took me some time to get this one right…and to find the right time for it, I guess its now, I wish you all the best. Official release is Dec25th, starting today it is out as freebie/pay what you want on for a short time!

November: During lockdowns, I have posted a few tests and improvisedjams... there will be a special release in december, more pieces to come and some airplay on Dec31 13h @ 674fm. #Novemberjams #kulturnrw #coronakultur

Oct 31st: Our regular basswerk event didnt take place due to COVID #19. That‘s a shame cause we couldnt do it last year either since Gebäude 9 was fully overhauled and we were really lookin forward to it - same as on April 30. This time Sehvermoegen and I did two Basswerk Session/ Gebaeude 9 style videos with my new tracks on Function UK (Junglist Soldier Rmx & Who‘s weird?) So always ask yourself when someone makes you feel crazy: Who‘s the one who‘s really weird? And lets all be a bit weird every now and then.

October: For beatalistics Records, I did an athmospheric vocal breakbeat track and a mixtape. You can find it on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music..but now its also released as a limited edition Compact Cassette. I‘ve always been a Cassette fan, so I love it. Get it here: The mix is also in all digital stores. #Novemberjams #kulturnrw #coronakultur

August 14: My remix of Enea & MC Fava‘s „Dust“ came out. It uses some self-tuned Synths and oldschool beats. It is accompanied by a video with comic style animation I made myself based on MC Fava‘s Footage. Fava and Enea have been working as „beatalistics“ in Soth Germany. Fava has also released with Keeno, Klute, Logistics and Seba on Hospital, V-Rec, Commercial Suicide and Spearhead. He also performed with Etherwood @ Hospitality on the beach or @Sunandbass and Liquicity.

July 3rd: My EP with Steve Digital (Function/Metalheadz) is out on Function (Function 501) feat. Junglist Soldier (w/ Digital, Freeze, Ras Abraham, Sabrination), Hijacked (w/Digital) and Who‘s Weird?. Its also featured on a DnBarena Spotify Playlist. Edit: Now also on a Shy FX Playlist!

May/June: I recorded Basswerk 11 vinyl (Damn Wire/ Copper to iron, mastered by Simon @ The Exchange and put it up for free! Bandcamp also includes some sound examples from my performance under my real name @ Klang & Raum Festival, Koeln, St. Gertrud, November 2019. When performing live, I improvised over it, so this is just the „barebone“ and very raw, but I still like it, so I decided to give this away for free/ pay what you want.

Basswerk x Deegree x Drop That! 2020 in den Mai ..... Livestream

Dec 2019 Basswerk 43 Brian Brainstorm, Marvel Cinema, TGM - Labyrinth

Basswerk 42 Change / DRS & Nikita Candis w/ The Green Man Remix

Basswerk 41 Bermooda & The Green Man
Der Sound verändert Dich

Reggae/Jungle/Electronic Crossover
Video with Cologne D&B Steppaz




more releases:

Greenman's neues Logic Buch im Rheinwerk Verlag erschienen! Über 1200 Seiten: /

Basswerk 40 The Green Man, Navigator & Skarra Mucci - Take it Easy (also on Navigator's Alignment album)

DREADUK 035 incl. Infinity (3000 Jungle Remix) and 5 other tracks

Basswerk 39 The Green Man & Kingz - The Moment is Now



the green man's 2x cdlbum „sound power“
catalog number is basswerk bw-cd08
ean: 673795100820
distribution: srd/ groove attack/ rough trade

basswerk currently uses a bandcamp shop on as a label shop to offer the album too. There you will also find a free release ("free sound power") accompanying the album. D&B Album of the month in UK Mixmag August 2013.


the green man's 2x cd doppelalbum „sound power“
katalog nummer: basswerk bw-cd08
ean: 673795100820
vertrieb: groove attack/ rough trade/ srd

basswerk nutzt aktuell als Labelshop, um das Album anzubieten. Dort findet man ausserdem einenl "free release" ("free sound power") zum Album

Ein TGM Interview zum Lesen gibt's hier: Mehr auch im Synthesizer Magazin 07/2013, Beat (August 2013), Faze Mag, Stadtrevue Blog, Smag, Tonspion, Tagesspiegel, Radio 1 Berlin u.v.m



bücher von heiner hruse a.k.a the green man finden Sie hier:

(Auf dieser Webseite finden Sie, wenn Sie nach unten scrollen, auch einen Link zu einem kostenlosen, ca. 100 Seiten umfassenden .pdf mit den Neuerungen aus Logic X 10.2.2. Dieses dient gewissermaßen auch als Leseprobe für das Buch, denn Sie finden hier dieselbe Kapitelkategorisierung wie im Buch). Das Buch ist aktuell ausverkauft und nur als .pdf erhältlich.

Außerdem im Herbst 2016 erschienen: Ein Buch über Garage Band für iOS und Mac von Ben Kampert und Heiner Kruse. Besonders für Leute, die musikalisch interessiert, aber bezgl. Musik auf dem Computer noch totale Anfänger sind und gern einen Einstieg finden möchten.